My primary service is the encapsulation of your placenta into pills, but I can provide several additional remedies at your request.

Encapsulation $175, plus mileage if outside the Kansas City metro area.
~ twin placenta encapsulation $225

Tincture $25
~ includes glass dropper and “mother” bottles, cheesecloth, and an unbleached filter
~ a piece of your placenta is placed into a jar with vodka and allowed to extract over a period of 6 weeks

Broth $10
~ delivered in a quart size glass canning jar
~ this is the water used to steam your placenta and can be added to your food or drinks in addition to the pills, or used as a plant fertilizer

Salve $25
~ you can provide your own salve or I like to use Natural Neo as the base
~ a piece of your placenta is infused into the salve and then removed. It can be used for help in healing your perineum and many other skin ailments